Photo Tour Pricing

Tour Pricing

The Phototourism Pricing listed is for 2017; it includes GST.

Please note that tours can be customized to suit clients’ needs but may incur extra cost.

Rates for for Phototourism Tours

One day including one meal per person

1 person $395

2 to 4 people $295

5 to 10 people $250

11 to 24 people $225

Two day Tours including 2 main meals and shared accommodation

1 person $1250

2 to 4 people $595

5 to 10 people $450

Our Phototourism photographers are qualified professionals and highly experienced. They can help both the budding photographer and the experienced professional to find the best photos and further develop their skills.

We have already researched all of the logistics in finding the best locations on our tours so you don’t have to. Our prices are all inclusive so the only thing you need to concern yourself with is relaxing and enjoying the tour.

If you would like to book a tour then please contact Rod on +61418 330 629