The Great Ocean Road

The Best Value Photo Tours in Victoria with Phototourism

We do amazing photographic tours around the Mornington Peninsula, The Great Ocean Road and the Yarra Valley and they are very popular. This is likely due to the close proximity of so many iconic locations within the valley itself.

Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is incredibly rich with so many places of interest. Our typical Photographic Tour will the cover regular hot air balloon rides, antique aircraft and railways, glass blowing, blacksmith shops, towering forest, wild rivers, vast vineyards and numerous world class cellar doors, just to mention a few.

All of these unique and fantastic attractions make the Yarra Valley ideal for One Day or Two Day Tours. This is providing you have a photographer tour guide who not only knows the terrain but is also attuned to the seasonal variations and of course has to have a very strong photographic knowledge and experience.

Our Phototourism guides enthusiastically share their knowledge to help our photographers to get some great images.

The Great Ocean Road and the Mornington Peninsula

The Great Ocean Road and the Mornington Peninsula also have a lot to offer and like the Yarra Valley has plenty to see within a reachable area. It also has the added advantage of having both a wild surf coast as well as a tranquil bay with quiet sandy beaches and colourful iconic boat houses, making it suitable for a one or two day tour.

The Great Ocean Road however is several hundred kilometers long and is more suitable for a longer 2 to 4 day tour to ensure that our photographers get to take full advantage of this very large and wonderful region. We are also scouting other Victorian regions to offer a far wider choice for our Photographic Tourist.

What is a “Photographic Tour”

Because a photographic tour relies mostly on outdoor locations they can be somewhat restricted due to weather and of course the time of year.

An experienced Photographer Guide is essential. It would be very easy to waste an enormous amount of time trying to find the right location at the best time of day for suitable photogenic opportunities. This is why we have spent the last twelve months scouting hundreds of locations under different environmental and seasonal conditions.

What may appear bland and insignificant at one time could easily turn into an award winning shot. All you need is the right content, light, weather and seasons. We also have found numerous hidden treasures where we very often hear the words “I never knew this was here”.

A typical day on a Photographic Tour

A typical day with Photo tourism may involve a very early start. This ensures that our photographers are on site before the first rays of the rising sun appear over the horizon.

Our day could be photographing our ballooning partners launching their massive and colourful balloons against the back lite misty sunrise. Then the balloon chase through the valley to photograph them from chosen vantage points and being ready to capture their often eventful landings.

Our tour then could go off-road to quietly stalk Australia’s abundant wildlife. This allows us to get those unique shots of graceful creatures within their own bush setting.

After cleaning our boots we are back on the track to visit hidden railway tunnels. They were dug out 150 years ago by Welsh tin miners.

We will take a quick breakfast and a much needed coffee. After that, our photographers are on the road again through undulating vineyard covered hills towards wild rivers and towering timbers. The day involves visiting interesting and unusual sites and people. Our cameras are working hard all day and the opportunities to get unique shots are prolific.

The cost of these tours starts at from $280 but for custom, private and two to four days tours, contact Rod Black for more information.

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Private Photo Tours with Phototourism

Private Photo Tours are now becoming very popular in Australia and we are now running them as one day to three day tours. Photo tourism is providing some of the best photo tours in Australia. They cover numerous exciting and diverse locations throughout Victoria with the occasional Outback and International Tour.

Our Private Photo Tours usually cater for individuals but we can also include small groups of up to 4 people. In addition, we provide comfortable transportation in a luxury SUV, a modern four wheel drive which is also capable of getting to those out-of-the-way locations.

Two & Three Day Private Photo Tours

Recently we took a keen amateur photographer from Brunei on a two day tour. The first day was throughout the Yarra Valley and the next day we traveled down to the Mornington Peninsula.

The Mornington Peninsula tour included a range of very interesting and unique sights. These included the Vintage Aircraft Museum in Tyabb, the Vineyards and Glass Studios on Red Hill, the Australian wildlife at Arthurs Seat and the wild surf at the Sorrento back beach.

This client was able to take some beautiful rugged surf coast shots. In addition she was able to photograph to some of Australia’s natural wildlife including the rarely sighted Echidna.


photograph of echidna taken during private photo tours

High quality hotel accommodation is provided. This way our clients can relax and enjoy a constructive debriefing over a fantastic evening meal.

These photo tours provide a unique opportunity to learn and experience the best of Victoria. We provide a safe and educational environment.

Learn from experienced and skilled photographers and get the most out of your holiday by trying something different. Furthermore, the two and three day tours allow our team of photographers to utilize both dusk and dawn light opportunities.

We are looking forward to running many more Private Two and Three Day Tours, please contact Rod Black on 0418 330 629 to book your tour.

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