Tour of Papua New Guinea

Have an amazing adventure with Phototourism’s Papua New Guinea tour!

Papua New Guinean DancerPhototourism is searching for a team of adventurous photographers because want you to come with us on a tour to the Eastern tip of Papua New Guinea for a 5 day photo shoot.

This will be a unique opportunity to capture some spectacular images. From jungle paths to untouched tropical islands inhabited by friendly and intriguing people. On our Papua New Guinea tour you will be guaranteed to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Join a team of experienced and budding photographers on a genuine overseas adventure, in addition you can learn about photography in a fun and challenging environment. Have no doubt that you will leave this tour with fond memories and beautiful photographs of your journey.

We welcome adventurers from all walks of life and encourage everyone to explore their creativity and inner artist on our tour furthermore, we will help you to create stunning images in a safe and organized environment.

With the help of our seasoned photographic tour guides you will be able learn new skills while you enjoy your holiday.

Our team members will meet you in Cairns and then proceed to Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea. Milne Bay was the site of the first defeat of the Japanese Imperial Forces by Australian troops. This makes it the perfect place to begin your adventure.

There are many locations in the tour, each just as beautiful as the last.

The cost is $3500 per person. It includes air fairs from Cairns, accommodation and experienced photographic guides (cost may vary depending on seasonal changes to airfares and accommodation).

For details contact Rod Black

0418 330 629

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