International Photogaphy Tours

International Photography Tours – Photographers Needed.

We have the most visually fascinating locations for our International photography Tours. All we need now, is a group of enthusiastic photographers seeking a challenge.

Milne Bay (PNG) offers camera opportunities almost everywhere one points a lens. It is a relatively untouched corner of the world with friendly approachable people. In addition, it has a raw natural environment that is steeped in the history of a ferocious World War Two Pacific conflict.

Indonesia and Thailand also offer a plethora of visual experiences from peoples enshrined in ancient cultures within a natural and tropical environment. Temples, dancers, tiered rice paddies, weathered buildings and workers. It is a rich visual opportunity for the enthusiastic photographer who is prepared to go the extra yard.

The Australian Outback has absolutely everything the keen photographer could possibly hope for. It is a spectacular opportunity to capture the most stunning images. Our tours will fly you right to the best locations in the Australian Outback. Bright orange desert dunes, flat arid plains, towering natural features and people who are truly unique with character that reflects their harsh environment.

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Papua New Guinean Children

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