Photographic Tours With Photographer Guides

If you are looking for something different for your next adventure, try one of our fantastic photographic tours!

Our Photographic Tours Are Fantastic Value!

For the same price as many ordinary tours, you can experience the best sights of Victoria on the same budget. By going on one of our photographic tours you can have the added benefit of a professional photographer to help you get the most out of your camera and your trip. Why settle for less?

Not only do our photographer’s know the best sites in the area; they also know the locals and can make sure you get the most authentic experience. Our tours aren’t just some guy driving a bus reading from a script. The tour is interpersonal and the depth of knowledge of our guides will leave you with an incredible insight into the region. We have also thoroughly scouted every region where we run tours so we can make sure you get to experience the best of local cuisine and culture.

Groups are small to large, and depending on the nature of the booking you can enjoy a tour with close friends and a guide at an affordable price and get the kind of attention that you would never get on an ordinary tour.

Our guides are all professional photographers with decades of education and experience in the industry. They have worked across all sectors, from nature, to automobiles, to fashion. They have seen and done it all. Before Photoshop they were working in dark room labs with delicate film and chemicals to produce the highest quality images well above the industry standard. Since Photoshop they have all been thoroughly trained and become experienced with producing even higher quality through the digital medium.

Booking Photographic Tours

If you love photography, then our photographer guides would love to help you further develop and master that passion. In addition, through discovery and adventure in new places and environments, you will be able to have amazing scenes to work with.

Is this the adventure for you? Please contact us or call Rod Black to book your tour on 0418 330 629

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